Web-VR experience by Haoyu Wang

STEP 1: Navigate to the viewpoints below,

STEP 2: Find the onsite QR-code access
or click the corresponding [SCENE],

STEP 3: Match your view and enjoy.

Tips: tap 'View Larger Map' on the Google Map thambnails for navigation;
it may take a few seconds to load the Web-VR scenes on your phone;
you can also find on-site QR accesses for SCENE 2-4 on Burnardzhika Tepe.

[Scene 1] Dzambaz Tepe - View Terrace

[Scene 2] Burnardzhika Tepe - Northeast facing

[Scene 3] Burnardzhika Tepe - Southeast facing

[Scene 4] Burnardzhika Tepe - Southwest facing

A project supported by the Municipality of Plovdiv as part of the 2023 Context Artist-in-Residence Program.